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Price Quantity
Multigrain Old Amsterdam

Aged cheese, truffle mayonaise, avocado, tomato, egg and lettuce

€ 7.50
Whole grain goat cheese

Goat cheese, honey, sundried tomatoes, walnuts and rocket

€ 7.50
Rustica serrano

Serranoham, buffalo mozzarella, pesto and rocket

€ 7.50
Rustica chorizo

Spicy salami, herbcheese, cucumber and rocket

€ 7.50
Multigrain smoked chicken

Smoked chicken fillet, avocado, tomato, honeymustardsauce and lettuce

€ 7.50
Rustica smoked turkey

Smoked turkey fillet, trufflecream, pine nuts, cucumber and lettuce

€ 7.50

This post is also available in: Dutch, Spanish

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