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It is a matter of course for us that all baskets are returned in good condition. To guarantee this, however, we require payment of a € 50 deposit for each basket, so we can keep offering great picnics. You must pay the deposit in cash when receiving the basket. When you order more items that fits in one basket (about 15 items), you will get an extra basket.

You will get the deposit back in cash once the basket and the reusable materials have been returned in good condition.SeeTerms and conditions.

All baskets ordered from El Picnic are beautifully presented and ready for use. We will make sure the contents stay as cool as possible by adding several ice packs and putting your lunch in convenient boxes. But don’t wait too long after picking up your basket! Your food will taste best when eaten within two hours (depending on the weather).

For the real ‘picnic feel’, your basket will contain reusable glasses and a cosy blanket. We use as few disposable materials as possible, and they can always be recycled. Baguettes are packed in a way that allows easy sharing and eating with your fingers.

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